I have to apologize for not updating this blog as often as I should & could. I’ve done several really great portrait sessions over the past few weeks, so I’ve been super busy…but I like it that way!
I’ve also scouted out a few cool new locations in both Marietta and Parkersburg to take photos, so I am excited about that. Every now and then I like to take time and just drive around in search for new scenery and new buildings with cool textures that would make good backdrops, cool alleys, etc. Afterall, I strive to make every portrait session unique so I like to mix things up quite a bit. One thing I always do before any photo shoot, is talk to the client about the sort of “look and feel” they would like in their photographs. That gives me an idea of where to take them. I generally can always think of a place, and when I can’t, I go out and find one a few days before the shoot.
Ok, enough rambling, now for some new work…
My first model is Ashley. Ashley is super stylish, beautiful, and one of the sweetest gals you could ever meet. We had fun running around all over Parkersburg and Belpre to several different locations. She even brought along a friend!

We stopped at Visions Salon & Spa to take a few shots inside- the owners Cindy and Jay are friends of mine and they are very kind to give me access to the place whenever I want. You might be thinking- why would I want to shoot portraits inside of a salon? From vintage wallpaper in the manicure room, to rich red walls in the hallway, the place is jam packed with cool backgrounds! By the way, if you’ve never been there you really should check it out. Cindy and her girls are amazing hairstylists and I must say it’s the hippest salon in town! Try a mocha while you’re there!

My second model is the amazingly beautiful and talented Miss Carolyn. She has eyes that seem to pierce through you and she’s not shy around a camera as you can tell…this shoot took place on Saturday, April 21st and one note-worthy detail is that we waded in the freezing cold water in a creek at 8:30 in the morning! Hey- I do what I have to in order to capture amazing images! It’s always worth it and it makes for great stories. Lol.

So as you can tell, I’ve been having a lot of fun. I have lots more updating to do, so stay tuned for more later this week!

I thought I would do a quick update today. There have been so many exciting things going on over the past few weeks.

This past Saturday I assisted on a Wedding which was held at Stout Memorial Church in Parkersburg. The reception followed at The Parkersburg Art Center. This was one of my favorite Weddings… they had everything from a bag-pipe player, to ice sculptures, to a cartoonist, to an antique car that escorted them to the reception. It made for some terrific photo opps.

Also, I’ve been doing some freelance photojournalism work for The Graffiti Magazine. This past Friday night, I covered The Singer/Songerwriter Night at the Blennerhassett Hotel…

I also did a Family Portrait session and a Mother/Daughter session last Friday morning…

More to come soon.

I had a lot of fun assisting another local Wedding photographer with a beautiful Wedding on Saturday that took place at The Parkersburg Art Center in downtown Parkersburg. It was fun to be able to focus on a lot of the smaller details and learn a few new things too.

The Robertson Wedding (March 24, 2007)…