Diane & Thom are such a fun couple! They got married earlier this year but never had the chance to get themselves some portraits made together. We had a blast running all over Marietta on a Sunday evening taking these. We ended up with so many great shots of them just being in love and being themselves. Afterwards, we stopped at Brewster’s for ice cream, where we talked for what seemed like forever! By the way, Thom is a fabulous HairStylist. I had him color my hair about a week after our shoot, and he did an amazing job! Make an appointment with him at John Six & Company! By the way, Diane is also the girl with the pink hair in my portfolio, and those were from a seperate shoot we did with just her a few days before this one! It must be nice to be married to a HairStylist… she can change her hair anytime she wants, for free!

Thank you so much Diane and Thom!

I love shooting band promos! I had the awesome opportunity to shoot these new promos last weekend, for a local band called “Gertrude’s Blue Hymnal,” who by the way just won Pt. Pleasant’s River Rock Band of the Year! Congrats! Not only is this band special to me because their friends of mine, but also because of what they are all about! Check out their myspace at http://www.myspace.com/gertrudesbluehymnal