Hi friends,

I am updating this blog today with so much excitement! I would like to announce that I am opening a studio location in downtown Ravenswood, WV.

I plan to be open by November 1st, but I will keep you all posted. I also plan to have an opening celebration and everyone is invited!


I want to thank everyone who came out to The Bridge Art Show & Concert in Ravenswood on Sat, September the 8th! It was so much fun and so many awesome people came by to check out the art and great bands that performed.

My display…

Debbie from DL Photography…

Lauren Stonestreet (Elle Effects Photography)…

Other great displays from local Artists…

Live Music…

Check out the next Bridge event…

visit myspace.com/thebridgewv for more info.

I just finished my brother’s Wedding album. Hooray!
I used the blue background throughout because it was one of the colors in their Wedding and it’s also both Alicia and Jonathan’s favorite color! I hope they like it!

Michele Coleman Photography wants to trash your dress! Read more…

It’s a new concept that’s sweeping the nation. Why let your Wedding dress hang in the back of your closet until it’s so yellow and faded you have to throw it away? Put the dress back on, get all dolled up and let’s do a creative photo session. Maybe you can swim in your dress? Roll in the mud? Lay down in a field? There are a lot of possibilites.

TRASH THE DRESS… http://trashthedress.wordpress.com/

“You’ve made a commitment to your husband. He’s your one and only true love, right? Then you’ll never need the dress again. And no, your daughter won’t wear it in 20-30 years. So you have two choices:

1) Suffocate it in plastic and throw it in a closet
2) Show your husband how committed you are by trashing the dress, and get some great fun pictures while you do it!

Then after you do it- send the pictures to us to publish for all the world to see. What are you waiting on? go trash the dress!”

IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN DOING A “TRASH THE DRESS” PHOTO SHOOT, Email me. Feed my photo adventure additction!


Join me and my friends on Saturday, Sept 8th at the NYA Hall on Sycamore Street in Ravenswood for a FREE ART/PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBIT and Live Music. Support Local Artists! There will be exhibits from other Photogaphers and artists on display as well as a few things from yours truly.

I will be having a drawing for 50% off Senior Portraits for one lucky high school student!

Email me if you need more information.

My brother got married! Guess who his Wedding Photographer was? You guessed it.