I am so excited about the New Year that I can barely contain it! The thought of all the wonderful people I am going to meet and photograph in 2008 gets me excited, not to mention current clients who will be coming back to visit me again. I am so blessed to be doing what I love to do- taking photos and making people happy! And that’s why I’ve made a decision to extend my studio hours, making it easier to book a portrait session that fits into your schedule. Because making you happy, makes me happy too!

Beginning Friday, Jan. 4, 2008, my new studio hours will be:

Mondays 11am-7pm
Tuesdays 6pm-8pm
Thursdays 6pm-8pm
Fridays 11am-7pm
Saturdays 10am-6pm

Call me to schedule a session, (304) 440-0101

Can’t wait to see you!

Also, check out my flickr at www.flickr.com/photos/mcoleman
I recently posted a ton of Christmas photos and some stuff that I shot earlier this year in Washington state.

Happy New Year!


Hello everyone, and Merry Christmas! I am writing to you from the hills of beautiful Fayette County, WV, where I am home for the holidays! I am looking forward to my mini vacation and time with family. I am extra thankful this year, as I have been extremely blessed with my new studio and all my wonderful new customers/ friends! So thank you everyone!

Some new Portraits…

Logan Jarrett… what a cutie pie~!

The Coberly Cousins (all 5 of them!)…

Saturday I had the pleasure of doing my first pet portrait session in the studio. Joe loves his dog Jovi so much, and wanted to get some portraits of them made for a special Christmas gift for a family member. Jovi is so cute and he was very well behaved!

Hello friends,

I just wanted to let you know that if you plan to order any prints and have them in time for Christmas, I will need to place your order by Monday December 17th!

Call me, email me, or come by the studio and we’ll make sure you get stunning prints to give to your loved ones for the Holidays!


So… I have been working on designing a new website for my church and also for the magazine that I work for, and I am thinking of designing a new one for myself! (after the holiday craziness of course)

I need some feedback…

What would you like to see on my new website?

F.A.Q. sheet? More photos? More galleries? More Wedding samples? Downloadable Forms?

Please leave me a comment on this post, or email me at mcolemanphoto@gmail.com

Thanks! Your ideas will be much appreciated.


Ah, this handsome little man is Davy. His Mommy contacted me on myspace and set up a session. Davy was a little cranky Saturday morning, but I managed to get some good shots nonetheless. After they got home, Katrena found that Davy was getting a new tooth in. That explained his mood. Still, I had fun photographing Davy, and I hope his toothache is all better now!

When Heidi (Ethan’s Mom) emailed me with the idea of me photographing Ethan with his favorite toys, I got excited. I love it when people bring stuff to their portrait sessions. It just makes it so much more personal. Besides, when kids are allowed to play with their toys just as they would at home, it allows them to relax and makes for some great photo-opps! Not to mention, little Ethan is soooo cute!

Look at those eyes and that pouty lip…

I realize the value of word-of-mouth advertising, it has been the best form of advertising for me over the past 7 years while growing my business, and has brought me to where I am today.

I appreciate and feel so honored when my clients are satisfied with their pictures so much that they tell others to come to me. It’s great to know that you enjoyed your experience and trust me to not only take your photos, but your friends and families too! That’s why I want to reward you for it with some free prints!

Earn Free Prints for each friend and family member you refer to Michele Coleman Photography. (This works with any type of portraits, including Seniors)

1st Portrait Session Referral= (1) free 5×7
2nd= Upgrade to an 8×10
3rd= Upgrade to an 11×14

Download and Print Referral Cards… Click Here

You can also download them from the Portrait Pricing Page.


I am so blessed by all the all wonderful families that have come to visit me at the studio lately. I appreciate your business and love working with you and your children, all of them!!!

Here are some recent images…

The Curfman Kids (Hannah, Riley & Cade)…

The beautiful Georgia Lisle…

Georgia’s cute cousin Marlo Norris…

Georgia & Marlo together…

Looking forward to more sessions this week & next!

It’s NOT TOO LATE FOR CHRISTMAS PORTRAITS… call asap 440-0101. I can have your prints back within 2-3 days after you order.

God bless everyone!!!

Wow! I am so blessed by all the families that are coming to visit me at the studio lately. I appreciate your business and love working with you and your children, all of them!

Here are some recent images…

The Curfman Kids (Hannah, Riley, and Cade)…

Beautiful Miss Georgia Lisle…

and her cousin Miss Marlo Norris…

and the two of them together…

Looking forward to more sessions this week & next.

I can have your prints back within 2-3 days of placing your order.