If you could see my face right now, I am smiling as I post this :) I had so much fun during my session with this amazing little guy today!

Meet Gunner Andrick, from Letart, WV. I photographed him & his family back in December and his Mom Brooke brought him in today by himself for some special portraits. We started off in the studio -PICTURE THIS- Me hiding behind my softbox and jumping out shooting one of Gunner’s toy guns at him! Lol. Whatever it takes to get a smile! His Mom also brought his REAL gun that his Dad got him for his 1st birthday. I know his Dad will love those pictures! After he got bored inside, Gunner put his rain boots on and we headed outside for some puddle fun!

I know I say this often, but these are some of my favorite little boy portraits, ever! He is just too cute!

Thursday afternoon I had the honor to photograph the Rose children from Racine,OH… Lincoln, Kianna & Kierston. This is only the 2nd time ever that I’ve photographed twins & they were some cuties, with very different personalities! I loved the fact that Lincoln was wearing pink to match the girls! Boys look so good in pink!

Saturday, before heading to a Wedding in Poca, I made a stop in Winfield for an In-Home Session with the cute little Miss Joscelyn Singletary!

I met Joscelyn’s Mom, Jennifer last summer at Riverfront Park in Ravenswood during one of the “The Bridge” music festivals. She came because her church’s house band was playing that day and we met after I got up and spoke. Very nice lady!

It seems I am beginning to get quite a few customers from the Charleston-ish area lately, and a bunch from Parkersburg. Awesome!

NEW EXCITING PRODUCTS from Michele Coleman Photography!!!

Custom- Made Greeting Cards!

*High School Graduation Announcements
*Wedding Invitations
*Thank You Cards
*Christmas Cards
*Baby Announcements
*Bridal/Baby Showers
…endless possibilities!

I can now make custom greeting cards including your favorite portraits or event images!

Lots of different sizes to choose from and they can be customized any way that you like. (I will have a price sheet on the website for these up soon.)

Here is a sample of some recent Graduation Announcements I did for a Racine High student…

Last week I did a family/baby session with the wonderful Springston Family from Calhoun county. I felt so special that they drove so far to have me do their photos. Little 4-month old Ryder (such a cute name) is very adorable.

A few favorites…

Another darling who’s presence graced my studio last week was the cute little Miss Macy Casto, from Racine. Have I mentioned that probably about 60% of my local customers are from Racine, OH? I just love all my awesome Racine families! You rock!

A few cute shots of Macy…

Many of you have been asking what exactly is a Custom Composite Print? I recently added it to my print pricing list. Well, I wanted to share a few examples to give you a better idea of these really cool new offerings…

They are basically prints that have more than one image on them. They can be a collage, or two or more pictures faded into each other. They can also have text added. I have some great ideas… I can add names, date-of-birth, bible verses, quotes, etc. The possibilities are really endless. I am putting my graphic design know-how to work for your benefit! These are also really great for Senior portraits and I even have these included in some of the Senior Portrait packages I’ve set up.

Here are a few examples of what I call a fade…

And here’s a collage composite…

…16×20 Senior Collage Composite

These are available in 11x14s or 16x20s. Of course, we can go larger if you want. The above collage composite for the salon was a 20×30.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me, call, or simply leave a comment on this post and I will comment back.



Last Tuesday I had a late evening session with the Woottens- Katie, Adam, and their dog Tyson. I used to work with Katie at Lawyers & Leisure Magazine (she was the editor, but now works in Marketing at The Clay Center & I of course am now full time at the studio). She’s a really nice gal- quite funny sometimes too-she made me laugh a lot when we worked together. Her hubby Adam is State Police man, so watch your speed in Mason County! Lol. Anyhow, she wanted some nice portraits of the family & here are a few of my favorites…

Tyson as a bunny… I just had to do it…

One of the coolest things about being a photographer is getting to photograph children as they grow, and boy do they grow fast!

I photographed the beautiful Miss Jorga Lisle back in December (just 3 months ago).

Here’s what she looked like then…

So cute!

And this is her this past Saturday, in her very cute Easter dress…

And I just love these very candid shots that I was able to capture when we took her outside… I think they are some of my favorite kids pictures, ever!…

And last but not least, Jorga with Mommy & Daddy…

Noah should be my poster child. I had my 3rd session with him this past Monday and he’s looking cuter than ever. Courtney (his Mommy) always picks out the cutest outfits for his portrait sessions, and she brought some great vintage toys along this time too. I love anything & everything vintage! We did a few tasteful Easter shots too! After the session, I spent about a half an hour just hanging out with Courtney & Grandma talking. They are such great people!

Cya next month Noah!

So, about three weeks ago, Courtney from Simply Irresistable Hair Designs in South Parkersburg messaged me on myspace. She was interested in doing a photo shoot of all the salon gals. Well, we discussed ideas and made plans and I was super thrilled they wanted me to do the project for them.

We had originally planned to shoot on location in some alleys in Parkersburg & Marietta on Sunday morning, HOWEVER, Mother Nature had her way and we got some serious snow on Saturday. So, we compromised and the girls came down to the studio instead. (I didn’t want them to freeze, their noses red, and eyes watering- doesn’t make for very hot pics). But we managed to get some great shots in a few hours and I had tons of fun with them. They are all gorgeous and have great personalities to match. I will be making them a huge 20×30 composite print for their salon wall!

Here they are, all 6 of them… hot mamas…

And some headshots for them to hang over their individual stations…

The girls have also been gracious to allow me to set up a small display in their new location (next to the Kmart Plaza in South Parkersburg), so I will be brainstorming on that soon! Thanks, all of you! You rock!

Check out the salon’s myspace at http://www.myspace.com/simplyirresistibledesigns