Last week I photographed 23 kids at a local daycare. This was my first time doing anything like this and I was experimenting to see if it’s something I would like to get into. It wasn’t too bad. I was in and out in about an hour and 15 minutes including setup and breakdown- not bad! I really enjoyed all the children and the folks at the daycare helped out a lot- I appreciated that very much- thanks to Mindy & Tiffany!!! I think this will be a great way to get to know some of the local parents and kiddies and hopefully establish a relationship with them for future photo sessions! I love all the little kiddies!!! :)

Here’s just a few of the cute faces…

It’s Senior Portrait rush time. I’ve been doing quite a few seniors lately.
I really enjoyed my session with Rachel, from Ripley High School. She’s a beautiful young woman with a delightful personality. She also loves the Rob & Big Show and says that she would marry Rob in a heartbeat, lol. Yeah, she’s a cool girl in my book.

You may remember Laura from 2 previous blog posts… one from her & Steve’s engagement session last fall and the other when InWheeling magazine published a story about them. Their Wedding is coming up on May 31st & I will spending 2 days in Wheeling for the big event!

Last Monday Laura and her Mom drove in from Wheeling for Bridal session and she just looks stunning in her dress!

I wasn’t going to blog about these just yet, in case Steve would somehow end up on my site and see them- but Laura ensured me that he never gets online and told me to go ahead and blog away, so here’s a few of my favorite shots…

Thanks for coming to visit Laura! See you in a month! :)

…for lack of a better title. Eva is a month old and so precious. Her parents brought her all the way from Pomeroy, Ohio last Tuesday for a studio session…

Noah, that is. It’s such a cool thing to see how much little Noah is growing from month to month. We had our 4th photo session last week and he’s a whopping 8 months old now! He’s smiling more and more too. This month’s session was extra special because we got to take Noah outside in the grass & it was his very first time experiencing grass, ever! He was so investigative and just didn’t quite know what to think of it all. I am thankful that Courtney allows me to share in Noah’s growth and capture these special moments for them to treasure. These are the kinds of things that make my job so rewarding and tug on my heart a lot. :)

I’ll be photographing his 1st birthday party in July- how fun- can’t wait!

Today I got to meet with one of my favorite new clients & friends again, Staci! Remember the recent & very awesome maternity portraits- that’s her! Staci came in to order her prints and added this extra goodie- a 16×20 custom collage for baby Jada’s nursery. I can’t wait for her little precious self to enter the world so I can do their newborn session! She’s due any day now! Yah!

Just wanted to make this quick little announcement…

I have decided to go with a new lab for all my fine art Gallery-Wrapped Canvas prints and they are awesome! So, I am now able to offer you a very high quality fine art gallery wrapped canvas- ready to hang- with hooks on the back & all!

Just got this 16×20 studio sample in from Baby Parker’s session— one of my favorites!


When I opened my studio just 6 months ago, I never imagined all of this would happen so fast but I’m moving into a NEW, MUCH BIGGER Studio space!!! I started to realize about 3 months ago that I was going to need a bigger place and I finally found the perfect space for me. It is currently being renovated to my standards– at no cost to me– yet again I am so very blessed! The new studio is right down the street from my current one- on the corner- awesome location with side street & back parking. The new address is 241 Washington St. Ravenswood! (beside Affectionately Yours Florist)!

The new space is about 2 or 3 times the size of my current studio. It has a beautiful front room with hardwood floors, a nice office with a reception window, 7 other rooms including a main shooting area, a room I can use for framing, 3 small storage rooms, A bathroom/dressing room, and a 2nd smaller shooting area.

I’ll be in by June!

Here are a few “Before” pics while it’s being renovated just to give everyone an idea of how much bigger it is than the current space & so you can share in the joy as it all unfolds…

Building front…

Building side…

Front room…

Yummy hardwood floors that I love and will probably use a lot in portrait shoots with natural light flooding in from the big windows, as well as gallery-style walls (with lights) which will be beautiful to display my work. Also- check out the reception window (my office will be in there).

This will all be painted new colors… I am thinking a greyish blue & light yellow to sort of match my logo… not 100% sure on that yet. I want it to be bright and fun!

Main shooting area (right wall)…

Main shooting area (left wall)…

Standing in the main shooting area looking towards the front room…

That’s it for now— I will keep everyone posted on the progress!

Ok folks, I finally got my behind in gear and posted some downloadable price sheets on the ‘Portrait Info’ page. You’ll find them for Reprints & Products, Print Packages, and Senior Packages. I hope this makes things a little easier!

Also, if you review the pricesheets, you will see some changes. If you have any questions regarding these slight changes, please email me or give me a call.

I also have some BIG NEWS coming soon! :)

Thanks a lot & I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

***I’ll be updating the BLOG a ton this week, so check back

Ah, Abby Greer! One of my favorite ’08 Brides! Abby is originally from Parkersburg- where her Wedding will take place on August 9th. I remember when she first called me to inquire about her Wedding date & booking… she said “I’ve been cyber-stalking you for months!” Lol. I love her personality & style.

Anyhow, Abby and her wonderful fiance Doug Esquerra invited me out to their new home in Leesburg, Virginia- they recently relocated there. They wanted their Engagement portraits taken in Washington D.C., which is only about a 1/2 hour from where they live and this was the week of the National Cherry Blossom Festival! It’s always a great thing to be able to spend time getting to know my Wedding clients by doing an engagement session. So… I ventured out last Tuesday- 5 and 1/2 hour drive- and met up with them in the afternoon. Abby made me lunch :) Then we all headed to D.C. for the big shoot! We visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and the Jefferson Memorial and made the best of what turned out to be a very overcast and chilly day! We had tons of fun and captured some great shots.

After running around D.C. all day, we worked up an appetite & headed down to Georgetown, where they treated me to a wonderful dinner at a cool Italian place called Paolo’s. They even talked me into trying Calamari aka:fried squid for the first time! Which by the way, is good, but has a really strange rubbery texture- kinda weird. But hey- I’ll give anything a try once.

So, I got up on Wednesday to head back to the WV but first decided to venture out by myself into Historic downtown Leesburg- I went shopping for a few hours & had a great time taking photos & talking to the local shop owners. Beautiful town!

What a fun time! And, it was a nice change of pace to get out of the studio for a few days. Thanks again Abby & Doug- for your hospitality and kindness. I can’t wait til your Wedding! It will be so much fun!

***View all of the proofs from this session under the ‘View Your Photos’ tab on my website.