January 1st- 31st only. Winter Wonderland Sessions are only $25. Plus recieve 8 FREE wallets with your order! Get the kids’ Christmas outfits back out of the closet or dress them up in winter attire (scarves, hats, mittens, etc.)!

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I met Megan at the Bailey Wedding in Parkersburg back in October. She is such a sweet girl with a sweet personality, seriously. I had so much fun with her on Monday evening. And, although a little bit colder outside, we still had perfect outdoor shooting weather!

Megan is a Senior at Parkersburg High School.

I could not have asked for better weather this past Saturday for my session with Sarah from Ravenswood High. I can’t believe how warm it’s been and the end of December nonetheless! Sarah was fun and she freaked out when she saw my new zebra print chair. Apparently it’s her favorite pattern!

I am pretty much addicted to the lights and all the pretty & shimmering things that go along with Christmas. It’s my favorite time of the year!

I am home for holidays in beautiful Fayette County, though a little dissapointed that we won’t be getting any snow this year!

The studio will be closed until Saturday December 27th. I hope everyone out there has a blessed and safe Christmas!

Love & Light,

So I know, I am sorta behind considering I am just now posting this and it was shot on October 25th! Jessica and Fred got married at The Parkersburg Art Center and it was a beautiful and fun day all around! The place was decorated in such fabulousness (is that a word?) and I was in artsy small detail heaven! I love capturing all the little details- afterall, so much time and planning go into it all, you should have pictures as proof of all the hard work, right?

:) Congrats to the happy couple!


The next time I post a Wedding Blog, it will be from a fabulous Beach Wedding in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. That’s right, I get to hop on a plane in the middle of January and escape the cold weather for a few days! Can’t wait!

Also, I will displaying my work & booking more dates at the 2009 Passport to Romance Bridal Expo at The Grand Pointe Conference & Reception Center in Vienna, West Virginia on January 25, 2009. Brides to be, come and visit my table! :)

Graduation Announcements…

Business Card for Simply Irresistible Salon in Parkersburg…

More Collages…

Speaking with Elizabeth on the phone for the first time, I knew right away that she was going to be fun to work with. Not to mention the girl is just gorgeous! I actually shot promos for her boyfriend Cody’s band, In A Different Light, back in March, so that’s how she found me. Elizabeth is a Senior at Hannan High. The initial session took place on November 24th, however it was raining so we opted to set up half of her session on a seperate day. Well, Saturday was the day and we were blessed to have beautiful snowfall!

So, ever since I was a teenager, I have enjoyed the hobby of collaging. I would save up a stack of magazines and then spend hours sitting on my bedroom floor listening to music (probably Nirvana, STP, Bush or Rusted Root, lol) and cutting out pictures, words, and phrases that I liked. Then I would position the clippings together on cardboard, paper, or whatever I could find and tape or glue it all down to create unique pieces of art. I would plaster them on my wall, give them away to friends, etc.

Although I still like to do my old form of collaging, and recently have revisited it, I also now really enjoy creating custom collages for my clients using their favorite images from a session. I love adding fun backgrounds, borders, sayings, their name, etc. It’s the same concept, just transformed into digital design and done in photoshop rather than my bedroom floor lol. I think by collaging several images of a person on one image, it allows you to show different sides of their personality and they are great when you want a wall portrait but just can’t decide on one photo!

Here are a few collages I’ve created recently…

My Little Sister Laura

The Hudson's 20x20 Collage

So this is like a really small thing but I found out today that one of my photographs will be published on the cover of the 2009 Verizon phonebook for Ravenswood, WV! The Ad Agency that handles the design contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I’d like to submit some images and I gladly said yes. Phone book covers typically have a historical building or monument on them that people can recognize and associate with the particular calling area. So, I was thinking, hmmm, what can I shoot that’s not been done? Then I immediately thought of the new mural that Mark McComas (owner of Jackson County Signs) painted a few months ago downtown! It’s new, fresh, and everyone will recognize it! Yah! Apparently, they will be including a credit to me beside the image on the cover. I think Mr. McComas deserves more credit, however. He’s a fine painter!

I hope that everyone had a delightful Thanksgiving holiday spent with the ones you love! I went home to visit with family in Fayette County, as I always do on Holidays. It was a good time.

So I am finally launching my new flash website, how exciting. It truely has been a long process to get it done and I still have things I want to add when I get around to it, like all new price sheets for 2009 and pictures of the products I offer. By the way look for new exciting product offerings for the new year!

I hope you’ll find the new site pleasing. It has more galleries with more pictures than ever before and I even threw in a personal work gallery to show off some of the random photos I take on my off time. By the way if you see anything you’d like to hang on your wall, just let me know, I can sell fine art prints of my personal work.

I have been doing a lot of family sessions lately!

The Butcher Family, from Parkersburg…

The Varney Family, from Ripley…

A few out takes that I just loved… he’s too cute…