Seriously. Ever since I became an aunt to my precious little nephew Landon, things are different. I find myself in the baby clothes section at stores A LOT for one thing. I also find myself a little envious of my brother because I too, want a precious little babe of my own. Guess I have to find a husband first, huh. Lol.

Anyhow, Landon turned 6 months old recently and so his obsessed Aunt Michele had to get picture happy once again.

I’ll do it all over again when he turns 9 months, so watch out for more auntie Michele sappiness in a few months! Lol.

Febuary has been a very busy month here at the studio, and a lot of fun with all the kiddies and babes I’ve been spending time with! I thought I would post a few new pics.

Look for info soon on an Easter promotion I will be offering beginning Mid-late March!

Lincoln Amos from Ravenswood is now 2 months old!…

Hadley Lawson & Family…

Conner Lehew & Family from Racine, Ohio…

Micah Skeens-Shamblin from Ravenswood turned 2 years old!

And Miss Eva Enslen from Pomeroy, Ohio turned 1!

More updates coming!

I get so teary-eyed watching this. Elizabeth & Ryan’s Wedding took place on Jan.17, 2009 at the Pelican Grand Resort in Ft. Lauderdale, FL. It was such an awesome time and they are such an amazing couple.

Ella! with 127 Votes.

Congrats to her parents Christine and Joey! They win a $250 print package.

2nd Place
Cyrena…100 votes (Wins a free 8×10 with print order)

3rd Place
Hadley…74 votes (Wins a free 8×10 with print order)

4th Place
Jada…33 votes

5th Place
Zaebrey…32 votes

6th Place
Noah…23 votes

7th Place
Abigail…6 votes

8th Place
Caitlyn…5 votes

A big thanks to everyone who participated in the contest and those who voted. All of the kids are beautiful and I had a ton of fun with the whole experience, as I hope you all did too!!!


Anonymous voting has been disabled! To vote now you must have a google id or you will just have to email your comment. Trying to make it fair for everyone!

PLEASE LEAVE YOUR COMMENT ON THIS post ONLY!!! PLEASE ONLY VOTE ONE TIME AND FOR ONE CHILD!(I am getting multiple emails from the same addresses—and they are not getting posted. Come on folks, keep it fair!)

All the sessions are complete and voting has begun! It has been so much fun photographing all these darling babes and kiddies. Now the world must decide who is the CUTEST!!!

To vote, leave a comment on this blog post. If for some reason you have trouble commenting, you may email the studio your vote by clicking the contact tab on the main website or send to










VOTE NOW!!! TEll your friends to come and vote too!


Good luck everyone!

So, so far I have done 3 Cutest Valentine sessions this week and it’s been sooo much fun! I have 3 more coming up this weekend and more next week with limited slots left.
It was such a neat idea giving the parents control over their own props to make their child’s portraits really unique!

What can you think of? Do you or someone you know have babies or children under 10? Get them in this contest, here are the details…

Your child or baby could win a print package from the studio valued at $250!
Sessions are very limited and the last day to do one is Friday Feb. 13th so call or email Michele asap…

ONE PHOTO FROM EACH SESSION WILL BE POSTED RIGHT HERE ON THE BLOG! You can vote for your favorite by COMMENTING ON THE THE BLOG, or emailing the studio from the contact page of the website.