I just thought that I would take a minute to be a photo nerd and talk about lighting. Why is lighting so important? Well, without the proper light you cannot make good photographs.

I currently photograph using 4 different lighting techniques… natural ambient light, off camera flash, on-location strobes, and studio strobes for working inside…

Natural Light

off-camera flash (on-location)
on-location strobe

I recently picked up some new lighting gear for on-location photography and I’ve been loving the awesome results I am getting. The new set up allows me to shoot in very bright sunlit conditions. It is sometimes hard to shoot in bright sun and get the right exposure on my subject while also exposing the scene or “background” correctly. Sometimes you just can’t have the best of the both worlds… either your background will be too bright and your subject too dark, or vice versa. This is where the on-location strobes and off-camera flashes on stands come in handy. I can set my exposure for my background and then use the lights to fill in my subject. 

Photographers craft and shape light to execute and capture the ideas they are envisioning in their minds or present the idea or message they are trying to convey. The way you light a subject can change and create the mood of the photograph. It takes years to really get a firm grasp on lighting. I am still learning everyday and have a long way to go. The more I learn and am able to create a photograph that looks just the way I see it in my mind, the more I want to learn and experiment. 

I use different lighting for all different types of photography. For children and babies I love using natural light whenever possible because I feel it just gives that natural, soft look. I do, however use studio strobes when photographing babies and children in the studio. When I am doing Wedding photography, I use a mixture of natural ambient light and off-camera flash, and when photographing Seniors, Couples, and Families outdoors as well. 

To be continued…

Haylee and John are young newlyweds (they were married in early 2010). I use to attend church with Haylee and I was excited to see her again. We met up and ventured out for the session on October 6th. Favs…

Wayne and Heather are a blast to be around. Wayne makes me laugh a lot. I first met Heather during an Engagement session with her sister Tomie, who’s Wedding I also recently shot. It was at the wedding where I then met Wayne. It was great seeing them again on October 1st for their own portrait shoot. I had a good time roaming the countryside with them and capturing some shots that represent how much they love one another. 

Sydney is a fun and super sporty gal from Riverside High School, which is almost a 2 hour drive from Vienna. She came up on October 4th for her 2 hour session. Here are some favs…

This beautiful young lady came all the way from Boone County, W.V. for her Senior pics on September 30th. It was such a great session!

Another awesome session at B.F. Farms that took place on October 2nd. I love the Crow Family and they have been clients of mine for several years now. It was great to see them and how much Benjamin has grown his this time last year!

I met up with lil Emma and her Mama Courtney on October 2nd at Butcher Family Farms (where I hosted my Fall Portrait Special) for her 6 month portraits. She just gets cuter each month, and is looking more and more like her Mom!

On August 21st I had the honor of photographing the Wedding Ceremony of Zak and Amy Huffman at the Greenbrier Resort. It was a beautiful day and the location made for some awesome photos of course. Amy wore one of most amazing dresses I’ve ever seen, loved it! 

Congrats to you Mr. and Mrs. Huffman, I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

Chase is adorable and makes an even cuter cowboy. I ventured out to a farm with him and his Mom on September 22nd for this fun photo session. Horses, boots, hats, and a guitar made this one interesting! Happy 4th Birthday Chase!