Dianne is so beautiful and sometimes my muse. She looked great when we were hanging out on Saturday so I couldn’t help but photograph her at one of the spots we found!

the first moment 

Why is seeing one another before you walk down the aisle a great idea for your wedding day?

I have been shooting weddings for 10 years, and I can promise you that seeing one another provides better pictures and less stress on the wedding day! Below are some of the major reasons why I feel this is so important.

  • As the bride, once you see your groom you relax and can really focus on the ceremony, not what needs to happen when it concludes.

  • By taking all of the photographs before the ceremony the couple, family and guests all get to the reception at the same time. Trust me when I say that after your ceremony the last thing you want to do is round up guests for pictures, you want to enjoy your family and friends as soon as you can.

  • There will be natural light to create your images together unlike when the ceremony is late and the sun has already set after the wedding. Most couples fall in love with my images because of the use of natural/available lighting to create a feeling/mood.

  • The groom can be a lot more natural in front of just you, and not the hundreds of guests watching his face to see if he will shed a tear. It is a lot of pressure up there! I can also capture his face better than from the back of the church aisle.

  • There is 99% less stress on everyone involved in the wedding day.

How can I keep this moment so special?

First, I require that it is just the two of you in the room or in the outside area we choose for the ‘First Moment’. Once you are ready to go, I place the groom in a beautiful spot/location where his back is turned. When you are ready, you tell him to turn around and see you for the first time. It is a magical moment that you have been waiting for — I photograph these moments and then step away to give you two some time to take it all in. Then we can begin your images!

Statements in this post borrowed and edited from http://www.rebeccapetersblog.com
Little Miss Layla (February 25, 2011)

Josh came in on Wednesday this week for his 1 hour session. 

I’ve been photographing these two dolls since they were wee little. Eva is turning 3 now and Mya will be 2 later this year! They came to see my at the studio on Saturday morning. :)

A cute capture of Mya

Cute one of Eva
Fun shoot with Kyle from PHS this week at the studio!

Little Miss Emma Leachman is 10 Months old! 

Morgan came in on Tuesday evening for her studio session. Funny girl, she made me laugh and I made her laugh by telling her to laugh, lol. Seniors always think I am a goof for doing that, I am but hey I do what I have to in order to get the shot. We have fun.

Darcie Drain came in on Saturday for her 1 hr. Senior session…