I have to say that my session with Casey was pretty much the most fun I’ve had in a while! Funny story… the morning of her session (Feb. 7th) I woke up thinking I’d love to do a shoot with planes or helicopters in the background. When Casey arrived at the studio later that day, her Dad came with her. Mr. Osborne was dressed in his military uniform, so I asked him about his job. After learning that was stationed at the base in Williamstown, I got excited. I asked if he thought we might be able to go to the base for some unique shots and he made a phone call. Before you knew it, we were on our way! It’s amazing how things just fall into place sometimes in the name of creativity and doing something out of the norm! 

Here are some of my favorite shots from that day+ a few from our studio session that took place a few days later.

Photographed this adorable 1 month old in the studio on February 16th. Loved her hair! Her parents are pretty photogenic too :) 

Max Reed—4 Yrs. old
from Elkins, West Virginia!

photographed on 2.8.12

I got to meet my 8 and 1/2 month old niece for the first time this past weekend, and had the opportunity to photograph her in the studio on February 13th. She is the daughter of my stepsister Susan and they reside in Bellingham, Washington. Kaylee is so adorable and has such an easy-going and loving spirit about her. 

I really dislike the fact that I now have 2 nephews and a niece that I hardly get to see! I guess that is life, though, everyone goes their separate ways and you have to make time to see one another.
Doesn’t mean I don’t carry them all with me in my heart daily and miss them deeply. :) I love my family.

Jenah is the little sister of a good friend of mine and I was thrilled that she wanted me to do her Senior pics. Her and her BFF scheduled their sessions on the same day so they could come together so they could share the experience! Jenah is a beautiful young lady with a bright future, and fun to be around!

Brooke came in on February 1st with her BFF Jenah. She did half of her sessions with hair extensions and half without. Very pretty girl!

A few images from a commercial shoot we recently did for Convertibles Footwear (www.convertiblesfootwear.com) for their upcoming Direct Sales catalog and website. We love working with the designer Kim Quillen, who has become a long time client and friend. Look for Convertibles to take the direct sales market by storm in the near future!

January just flew right by, didn’t it? We were pretty busy at the studio and February is turning out to be pretty much the same… we love it so keep the bookings coming! Photographing a lot of little ones lately & loving it. I am also really enjoying this rare warm weather we are having and really hoping Spring just decides to come really early this year, although I won’t cross my fingers on it! 

Here are some favorites from the past several weeks…