I just had to blog about this fabulous session with 3 year old Paisley McDonald, which took place on June 13th. She was one of the sweetest little girls ever and so playful. I loved the outfits and accessories her Mom dressed her in! Wow! Beautiful colors! I also love her beautiful curls and her all around abundance of cuteness! 

Michael Tahbaz 

4 & 1/2 years old


I just love Michael. This was my 4th session with him in 2 years. I remember the first session- he didn’t want to be there and was so shy. Now he comes in and hams it up! Love it. So handsome.

 I love this shot of him & his Mom, so sweet!

Things have been quite busy around here lately. We have been photographing a lot of cute kiddos and babes! 

We are also running a special right now on Kid’s Portraits until the end of July. Check out the details below and give us a call to schedule yours!

Cate McLain, photographed at 8 Days Old

Kinley Poling at 9 Months

Brantley Mace is 1 Year old!

Paisley McDonald is 3!

Liam Emerich turned 6 months old!

6 Month old Sadie Geary & Family
The Windland Boys from Belpre, Ohio

Natilye McDonald at 7 Months old

Brooklyn & Lily Thompson

Alexander Kirby at 7 Days Old 

Photographed Caeylai & Brye in Columbus, Ohio on May 26th. Caeylai is the beautiful daughter of Donna McComas (AMPD Photography- St. Albans, WV www.ampdphotos.com) and I will be flying out to Springfield, IL in September to photograph their Wedding!