We got our first (small, but big) Winter snowfall here in Northern West Virginia on Friday night! It was great to incorporate into my Saturday sessions :)


Jed & Emily’s Fun Engagement Session…
(broke out my vintage sled that I’ve hoarded for years & never used!) 

Another one of my Baby Collection year’s came to a close in December. Sadie Geary turned 1! It’s been a joy photographing her and her sweet family over the last year. Here’s a recap…



3 Months

6 Months

9 Months

1 Year

Thanks for a great year Sadie, we will miss seeing your adorable face every 3 months!

Caitlin Meeks from St. Mary’s High

Had a wonderful on-location session with the Weekley’s in late November. Beautiful family from Ravenswood, WV.

I have photographed these boys during the Holidays for 3 year now. Always a delight :)

I wanted to give this blog a catchy title, but nothing really did it justice so I simply called it Olivia. This is the story of Olivia Alexander, yet another beautiful child that I have recently had the blessing of spending some time with & photographing. 

I have known Olivia’s parents, Amanda & Steven Alexander, for a few years now. I photographed their Wedding in 2009. 

I’ve remained in contact with Amanda since then, mainly through facebook. Steven, I see quite frequently, as he works downtown where my studio is located. They are both sweet people, truly. 
I’ve followed their struggles over the past year regarding their daughter Olivia and said many prayers for them. 

Amanda and Olivia just headed off to Indiana last week to spend 6 weeks at The University of Indiana. Olivia will undergo radiation treatment there. Steven, however, had to stay back to work. 
News of this latest trek in their journey touched my heart yet again and I contacted Amanda about photographing Olivia before they left for Indiana. 

Olivia did great, but the tumor does cause her to lose focus and get frustrated easily, so we did have a short period of time to capture these images. I am glad that I was able to bless the Alexander’s with pictures of Olivia this Holiday season, for theirs will in deed be a stressful season this year. 

I’ll continue to pray for Olivia’s full recovery, and I ask the same of my friends who read this. Thank you in advance.

In the words of her Mother…

Olivia Alexander is a happy, sweet baby girl with a smile and laugh that is contagious to all who come in to contact with her. She also loves to eat, which was why her mother Amanda became slightly worried when at five months old, Olivia was very fussy and refused to take her bottle. Acknowledging that it might be a reaction to a previous antibiotic or the normal ups and downs of a baby’s temperament, Amanda wanted to play it safe and took her to a small hospital to have her checked out.

The doctor in the ER that night saw how inconsolable Olivia was and ordered some blood work to check for abnormalities. After tests showed that her white blood cell count was 22,000, which was too high for a healthy infant, Olivia underwent a spinal tap and a CT scan which revealed a mass that covered the entire right side of little Olivia’s brain. It was discovered to be an ependymoma, a malignant form of brain cancer. If that wasn’t devastating enough, it was later discovered that another pocket of fluid on top of the mass contained 4 ounces of fluid.
Olivia entered chemotherapy treatment after her first resection of the tumor. During the first surgery, the neurosurgeons were able to take out about 45% of the tumor. She has now finished with chemo, which was a total of six cycles. After another MRI revealed that her tumor had not responded as well as hoped to the prescribed chemotherapy drugs, Olivia underwent another surgery to remove more of her tumor. The surgery was successful in removing the most amount of tumor possible without harming Olivia. She was then recommended to the University of Indiana to complete proton radiation in hopes that the side effects of this type of radiation would be less severe than her other alternatives.
Despite her young age and all that she’s been through, Olivia still smiles and laughs everyday prompting Amanda to remain upbeat and positive, and most importantly – focus on the future. She sees Olivia’s strength daily as she works on crawling, walking, babbling and doing everything else typical for babies her age. Amanda cherishes everyday with Olivia whose bravery and spirit has inspired her to advocate for additional research into both Olivia’s type of cancer, as well as better treatments for all children with cancer.

It’s been a joy to photograph Mr. Liam Emerich every 3 months over the past year. It’s always bitter sweet when our Baby Collection year comes to a close, however, it’s also a great feeling knowing that we have built a lasting relationship with our clients.

Liam’s parents invited us to be guests at his fabulous birthday party that took place at Columbo’s in Parkersburg on Dec. 1st. So sweet of them to invite Katrinka and I to be a part of their celebration!

Here’s a quick recap of Liam’s first year with us…


3 Months…

6 Months…

9 Months…

& 1 Year…

Such a cutie!