Just had to share this image from a recent Boudoir session. This gal’s man is into antique rides and we shot some amazing images in his garage while he was at work! I can’t wait to put together her book and to hear all about his reaction on Valentine’s Day! :) 

Want to see my boudoir Portfolio? Check out http://boudoir.mcolemanphotography.com/
A few favorites from Landon’s 6 month session on January 21st! What a handsome little fella!

This was a “just for fun” shoot I did on January 13th. Sometimes I just need to explore and shoot for the sake of being creative and stepping outside of comfort zones. Lyxi is a beautiful girl both inside and out and it was great working with her.

Jan. 16th

Seriously, no words can describe the joy this child has! She is so fun to be around & a child photographer’s dream subject :) I am one lucky photographer! 

Photographed Miss Grace last week, along with her wonderful family and her sister Charlotte who I also photographed in 2011. Grace is 7 months old this month & such a cutie!

Janet and Eugene are celebrating 50 years together and came in for a portrait session on January 7th to commemorate! So inspiring seeing two people so in love after 50 years! Congrats to them!

Fun shoot with Blessing, her daughter Camille & sister Rachel on January 4th. 

Been experimenting a little lately. To me, playing with brushes and textures and artificial light in Photoshop feels like painting. I used to paint when I was young. That kinda stopped suddenly in my early 20’s when I got into photography. This is a way to revisit that outlet. I still want to get back into painting again someday though.