Wild and Wonderful Sessions!
Inspired by the hardcore love we West Virginians have for our beautiful Mountain State!
These sessions are meant to show off you & your family captured in WV scenery and come with a beautiful 20×20 Canvas Wall Portrait and 25 matching Christmas Cards!

This past weekend I attended a spectacular PPWV Fall Conference at Hawk’s Nest State Park in Ansted, West Virginia. I’ve been a member of this organization for most of my full time photography career and it has been such a tremendous blessing!
I remember when I was first starting out and how sometimes I felt so clueless. It’s hard to run a business THE RIGHT WAY when you haven’t a clue. It’s hard to learn how to use lighting THE RIGHT WAY when you haven’t a clue. By attending PPWV meetings I not only get to take classes from some of the top photographers in the country, but I also get to sit around and converse with them which is really the best part. Not to mention all of the AMAZING talents we have right here in the great state of West Virginia. The Mountain State is truly blessed with so many amazing photographers! PPWV LogoI have made so many wonderful friends in this industry while attending PPWV meetings. Everyone is so kind and willing to share and teach one another in any way that they can. We encourage one another and also push one another to uphold the highest standards and practices and to become better photographers.
Aside from the classes and comradery, we also have competitions. By entering images into the competitions, you can learn so much about what truly makes an image remarkable. Is it easy watching your work be judged and picked a part based on it’s composition, lighting, sharpness, and message? Sure it’s not, but it will make you GROW in your craft. It will make you a better photographer. And that is exactly what you need. You don’t need a bunch of facebook fans telling you that every single thing you post is awesome and that you are the greatest photographer they’e ever seen, etc. (Although that’s always nice) You need honest feedback.
I think a lot of photographers are either afraid to put themselves in a room with more seasoned photographers who they feel might know more than them, or they just don’t feel they need to hear anything they have to say. Both of these attitudes are wrong. There is always something to learn from someone else- especially when they have already walked where you are walking now.
Our industry has been facing a HUGE problem for many years now and that is that so many have entered the photography industry yet are not educating themselves. The professionalism and quality of our industry has went down due to this fact. If you are new to the photography industry and want to learn how to be a successful photographer, I really encourage you to join PPWV! I promise you won’t regret it if you just open yourself up and show up to the meetings!
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