I usually only share my personal photographs on Facebook, however, this one is so special to me and so impacting, that I had to blog it. I take a lot of pictures of my family, or try to anyhow, as I am sure many other photographers out there do. I almost feel a great responsibility upon me to make sure that the special moments and history of my little family are recorded. I remember as a child one of my favorite things to do while visiting my Grandmother was looking through all of her family photo albums. There is just something different about flipping through pages of real albums of printed photographs, rather than popping in a cd or jump drive and viewing them on a computer screen. (A little tangent there, sorry.)

Back in December, my brother graduated from the Police Academy. He realized his dream of becoming a police officer a few years ago and set out on a journey of hard work and perseverance to see that dream come to fruition. He told me that he had to become a cop because he felt a strong desire to help people. As you can imagine, his Police Academy graduation was a proud moment for my family. We all showed up to support him that day. I of course brought along one of my cameras. In this case, I was tugging my new Nikon Df. I took a lot of shots that day, but this one just stood above the rest.


I captured this image just after the last part of the graduation ceremony was over and all of the graduates’ families were rushing to congratulate their loved ones. My nephew hugged my brother so tight around the neck and the emotion was captured in this image. It’s like it was his “my Dad is a hero” moment. What a moment. Think about that for a second. We rarely get to see a moment like that captured and frozen in time. It’s epic. I know that this image will bring joy to my family for generations to come and it just makes me very happy to have captured it.

What beautiful moment have you captured lately? Feel free to share in the comments section! I would love to start a conversation!