I always know when I have a session with The Ritchie’s it’s going to be amazing and super creative. I photographed Ty & Kristi’s Wedding back in 2010 and now I’ve captured their beautiful Adley’s first year, from newborn until this recent One Year session! Kristi came up with some great props- her & Ty made the Teepee and the Head Dress! They brought some props, and I had brought some props and combined it was magical! This shoot took place at Mountwood Park, one of my favorite places to shoot lately.

Completely swooning over these images I shot today of the adorable Blaize. This kid is as cool as his name! His Mom got this awesome tattoo sleeve shirt from http://www.thetattoodtyke.com/ !

I am usually lazy when it comes to loading up my gear and going out into the night to capture a spectacular event in the sky, however I made myself go last night. SuperMoon 2013 was a site to see, and I am glad I went! Supermoon is when the moon is closest to the Earth — during its full phase! I shot these from my local highest point in town, Quincy Park, atop a picnic table! Fun times!

So, I’ve been shooting a Wedding pretty ALMOST every Saturday for the past few months now, and I have lots more coming up in July, August, September, and October! I love the wonderful couples I get to spend time with and all the wonderful people I meet along the way. This year’s Wedding season has me traveling all over 3 states and is allowing me to see a lot of cool places that I might not otherwise visit.

Here are few updates from April & May (more to come soon)…


It was a fun-filled day in St. Mary’s, W.V. for Ashlee & Shawn’s Wedding on April 19th. Shawn is a Marine and Ashlee is proud to be a Marine’s wife! They are now living in North Carolina, where Shawn is stationed. The cool thing about this Wedding is that one of Ashlee’s bridesmaids, Kayleigh, is also a Wedding client of mine and I just shot her Wedding on June 21st, so basically I just got to see almost everyone from Ashlee’s Wedding again, including Ashlee, who was also a bridesmaid in Kayleigh’s wedding!

GIBSON WEDDING- April 26, 2008

You might recognize this couple from a previous blog about their engagement session. Julia & Larry’s beautiful day took me to Salesville, OH, at the very cool Pine Lakes Lodge. It’s this really neat log cabin lodge on the top of a mountain with breath-taking scenery. It was so much fun!


A big congrats to Clark & Julie Campbell on their recent Wedding! The special occasion took place at Little Creek Country Club in South Charleston on May 24th! Clark is originally from West Virginia, however the couple now reside in Rockville, Maryland. It was a such a beautiful and fun day and I am happy I was there to capture it for them!